Without further delay, more info on the 1936 Oldsmobile Business Coupe

I purchased this car about 15 years ago. From everything I can tell about the car it hasn’t been driven by anyone since 1963. It has a 1963 registration from TX on the front windshield. The car is in amazing shape, but it is definitely not a restored vehicle. It is in full need of a restoration; however, this is one of the nicest restoration candidates I’ve come across. I will be as honest as I can about this car. I will not hide anything, but I can’t possible portray all of the information possible; but I’ll try my best.


This car is complete. The car was stored at my grandfather’s farm and was recently transported back to TX. The parts are on the trailer like they are right now because the parts that were kept in the bed of the truck needed to be put back with the car so that my dad could use his truck. Since the trailer isn’t going anywhere I just set them on the trailer for now. I have purchased several parts which didn’t come with the car at the time I purchased it, they are as follows:

Front motor mount

The center hood hinge

A deluxe and a standard radio (including the head unit)

A rebuilt motor (more on that later)


I bought this car basically in the same shape you see it in here. The car was a little bit more together, but it was not in running shape. The motor mount had collapsed. Why? Because the person who worked on it used caulking rubber instead of an actually rubber mount. I’m not kidding. Hey, he was a kid, He probably didn’t think much of it. Anyway, eventually I found a NOS front motor mount and had it rebuilt by Steele Rubber Company. So, when you get ready to put the motor in, you have a new, rebuilt motor mount.


I lived in CA for a year, during that time I saw an eBay auction for a brand new rebuilt motor for a 1935-36 Oldsmobile. So, I bought the motor, and it was in amazing shape. The person who sold it to me had the nicest 1935 GMC truck I’ve ever seen and the nicest 1935 Oldsmobile I’ve ever seen. Granted, I’ve never seen either of those vehicle before, but these were simply amazing cars. Anyway, he was incredibly nice and he sold me the motor, and also gave me a flywheel, NOS distributor, and a couple other parts which came with the motor. All of them beautiful in shape.

DSC04399.JPGThe motor was painted and in great shape. The motor now sits in my dad’s garage (he wants it out, I don’t blame him). What happened to the original motor? I still have it, unfortunately I took it apart to rebuild it and found this one. So, it is still apart, but I do have the motor and everything comes with the car if you buy it. DSC04400So what you have with this car is a car that is partially in pieces…

DSC04347.JPGPartially amazing and survivor-Look at that grill!

DSC04354.JPGYeah, there are no broken pieces. It is in great shape.

DSC04381.JPGAll of the wiring is one color. I know, I hate it too.


This car is solid. There is no rust through. At all. No rust through in any area of this car. The car door closes like a vault. I love this car. Why haven’t I done all of the work and gotten it running. Life, I guess. I have the skill, but I haven’t been able to work on the car and the car is currently in Helotes, TX; while I’m in Austin.


You can see the surface rust, I won’t hide that. The paint is 40 years old and and most certainly not perfect.


So, I’m trying to think of anything else to say about the car. I’ll put this post up now and if anything else comes to me I’ll post it. I’ll also keep adding photos. I’m traveling and at a hotel right now so they aren’t downloading very quickly.

One thing I did just remember, I don’t have the title to this car. I have a title to a 1936 Oldsmobile (comes with the car), but i’m not sure it is to this specific car. The numbers don’t seem to match.

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