More info on the 1936 Oldsmobile and a few more photos.

DSC04370DSC04352DSC04349DSC04348DSC04346DSC04372I have a few things to add to my 1936 Oldsmobile info. I think I forgot to mention that the passenger window is broken and no longer there. The door is still solid and the frame still goes up and down, but the window is broken out. As to delivery. I’m very reasonable on delivery. I can deliver the car in the continental US, and maybe Canada. I’m not sure about Canada, that’s a long way from TX. However, if you’re willing to buy it for full asking price ($6500) let’s talk. I had a call from CA for the car, and if you’re reading this (Ed, I believe) I’d be willing to deliver to CA. I am traveling to the midwest in July so if you buy it before then you have an excellent opportunity to negotiate with me. Without further ado, more photos

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