Looking to buy a 1936 Oldsmobile Business Coupe? You’ve come to the right place.

I listed this car last year trying to get top dollar for the car. I’m listing it this year in a slightly more aggressive selling strategy. Does that mean I’ll sell if for nearly nothing? No, it does not. I’m not going to give this car away. It is costing me nothing to store it where it is right now. Basically it comes down to this: my priorities have changed. I’m looking to purchase my grandfather’s Ford Model A Truck. It’s a beautiful truck that I’ve been looking to purchase my whole life. So, what is the best way to do this? Sell the car (possibly car(s), we’ll see) that I have so that I can get his truck. I’m not in rush to sell. I’m not desperate or trying to put food on my families table (well I am doing that, but not desperately).

You can read below about the car. It has no rust through. I mean that-there are no areas where rust has ate through at all. Right now the front end is off of it to get the motor out. I have the motor, it is rebuilt and if I find the time I’ll put it back in the car. I have all of the parts for this car, including a radio I bought off the internet. It is the perfect restoration or, if so inclined, hot rod candidate. Please feel free to call or text me about the car. My number is 210-289-5735. I may be willing to deliver it if the price is right. I’m asking $5000 for the car. I’ll go ahead and say this, if you are near Rockford, IL and will meet me there, I’ll deliver it for free. That way I can pick up the truck and drop off the car at the same time. I’m changing jobs right now so delivering to CA or someplace like that may be difficult with time off for work, but I’ll try to make it work.

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Woodworking fisherman who wants to be a farmer. It's complicated.

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